Ellie-Jo Lodge HITS THE UK!

Ellie – Jo Lodge HITS THE UK!
6th October 2019. Sunday at 9:00 – 16:00.
Scizzor Yappy Bespoke Dog Grooming & Day Care.
10-12 Downall Green Road, Bryn, Wigan, WN40DH

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Well it’s finally happened we have managed to arrange a one off date to bring Ellie-jo Lodge from Greece back to her home country to show case her amazing… most certainly eye catching works of grooming art!!

Ellie will be here for one date only to share her knowledge & expertise within our amazing industry..

Personally knowing Ellie & watching this amazing stylist grow from strength to strength this was a date we could not wait any longer to host!!

Ellie’s Story…

Ellie started grooming 10 years ago as an apprentice, after leaving the horse industry.
She wanted to continue to work with animals, but had never considered dog grooming until the job centre sent her the listing! She took to it, having a passion for dogs and owning a Samoyed at the time, it was the perfect role for her.
She then years later became manager of that salon, after working for some of London and Hertfordshire’s busiest salons, working and training with groomers from all around the world including Italy, Brazil, Spain, Japan and Hong Kong. Ellie has also trained with some of England’s most highly regarded groomers, learning as much as she can about many different breeds and styles.

In 2014 she entered her first grooming competition and came 3rd with a clients Lhasa Apso. She became interested in creative grooming, being from an artist background it was where she could try something new, and won the runway class two years in a row in 2014 and 2015 and second in 2016 with creative grooming on bulldog breeds.
After, she fell in love with scissoring Bichon Frisé and has placed second twice with her Bichon Scampi in 2016. She also won the “great expectations” award at English groomers challenge in 2015.

In 2017 she permanently moved to Greece and opened her own salon. She is known for her sweet pet trims on Yorkies, Maltese, Shih-Tzu and similar looking cross breeds.

Her colour work and braiding have also become popular, so has her scissoring on double coated, wool coated and drop coated breeds.

Watch Ellie work her magic on 3 breeds throughout the day!!

Breeds to be confirmed: but looking at Yorkie, Shih-Tzu/Lhasa & Cockapoo/mix breed

Tickets are £80 including lunch (non refundable)

Also includes certificate of attendance.

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